"First let the meteors rain down!"

A magician who is familiar with all types of magic. She is fond of offensive magic.Edit

Wizard is a Normal, Passion card with a max level of 30 and card cost of 16. Her base stats are ATK 2100, DEF 1400, Soldiers 1350 and selling price 100. She can only go through evolution once and can be use in Amalgamation with Summoner.

Wizard's skill is Fire which deals 150% Passion damage to a single enemy with a 10% chance of activation.

As a Passion card she deals more damage to Cool cards, but also has a weakness against them.

Wizard evo 1

Wizard evolution one

Going through evolution, she becomes a High Normal card with a max level of 40 and card cost of 19 and she gains the following base stats:
  • ATK 2310
  • DEF 1540
  • Soldiers 1485
  • Selling price 160