Shall I snip you off?

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From the Shellfish tribe. Vicious, she's always looking for something to snip off.Edit

Serket is a N, Passion card with a max level of 30 and card cost of 17.  Her base stats are ATK 1450, DEF 2050, Soldiers 1650 and selling price 100. She can only go through evolution one time and in its final evolution it gains a greater base defence than attack

Serket's skill is Snipper Deal 150% DMG to a single enemy with 15% chance of activation.

As a Passion card she deals more damage to Cool cards, but also has a weakness against them.

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After the evolution, she becomes a HN Passion card. The changes after the evolution is as below:

Max level increases from 30 to 40

Card cost increases from 17 to 20

Base ATK increases from 1450 to 1595

Base DEF increases from 2050 to 2255

BASE Soldiers increases from 1650 to 1815

Sale price increases from 100 to 160