"Be healed by the scared light."

A soothing priestess who saves people with scared light.Edit

Priest is a Normal, Light card. Her max level is 30 and Card cost is 15. Her base stats are ATK 1450, DEF 1800, Soldiers 1350 and selling price is 100. She can only be evolved once, but she has an evolution accident counter part.

Priest's skill is Healing light which heals all allied cards by 30% near defeat with a 20% chance of activation.

As a Light card, she deals more damage to Dark card types but also has a weakness against them.

Priest evo 1

Priest evolution 1

Going through evolution,she becomes a High Normal card, her max levels rise to 40 and card cost to 18. Her base stats gain the following changes:
  • ATK 1595
  • DEF 1980
  • Soldiers 1485
  • Selling price 160