Hunter (N)

"GAARRRR! Take that!"

A professional hunter. She hunts game much larger than herself Edit

Hunter is a Normal, Passion card with a max level of level 30. Its card cost is 18. Its base stats are 1950 ATK, 1950 DEF, 1550 Soldiers and Sale price of 100. Hunter can be evolved once.

Her skill is "Mix", which recovers 50% soldiers and has a 25% chance of activation near defeat.

As a Passion card, it deals more damage to Cool cards, but is also weak against them.


Hunter (HN)

After the evolution, she becomes a High Normal Passion card. The changes after the evolution is as below:

  • Card cost 22
  • ATK 2145
  • DEF 2145
  • Soldiers 1705
  • Sale price 160