"I'll lend you my magic and knowledge."

A tribe of sub-humans that take great pride in their vast knowledge.Edit

Elf is a Normal, Cool card with a max level of 30 and card cost of 18. Her base stats are ATK 2050, DEF 1700, soldiers 1500 and selling price 100. She can only go through evolution once.

Elf's skill is High magic, which deals 120% Cool damage to all enemies with a 10% chance of casting.

As a Cool card, she deals more damage to Passion cards but also recieves more damage.

Elf evo 1

Elf evolution 1

Going through evolution, she becomes a High Normal card, with a max level of 40 and card cost of 22. She gains the following base stat changes:
  • ATK 2255
  • DEF 1870
  • Soldiers 1650
  • Selling price 160