Dragon knight

Dragon knight

"Leave sky battles up to me!"

A knight who rides a dragon. Only those approved but the dragons can do so.Edit

Dragon Knight is a normal, Passion card. It's max level is 30 and its card cost is 18. It's base stats are 2000 ATK  1850 DEF 1650 Soldiers and it sells for 100. Dragon Knight can go through evolution four times and in its final evolution it gains a greater base defence than attack.

Dragon Knight's skill is Air assault which deals 150% passion damage to a single enemy with a 20% chance of activation each turn. 

As a Passion card it deals more damage to Cool cards, but also has a weakness against them.
Dragon knight evo1

Evolution one

The first evolution changes as follows:

  •  Cost increase to 29
  • Base stat change : ATK 2100, DEF 1942, Soldiers 1732
  • Sell price increase to 160
Dragon knight evo2

Dragon knight evolution 2

The second evolution only changes in selling price to 220 and so does the third to 280.

Dragon knight evo3

Dragon knight evolution 3

The fourth and last evolution stats turn around. As well as become a High Normal card its cost decreases to 22 and its max level to 40. Its ATK decreases to 1760, DEF increases to 2035, soldiers to 1815 and selling price to 340.

Dragon knight evo4

Last evolution of Dragon knight