"Hey everybody! Let's get rowdy!"

A chieftain leading a band of brigands. Her rare smiles spurs them on.Edit

Bandit is a Normal, Cool card. Her max level is 30 and card cost is 18. Her base stats are ATK 2000, Def 1700, soldiers 1800 and selling price is 100. Bandit can only go through evolution once.

Bandit's skill is Brigand which is an auto skill, which adds 3% unit defence.

As a Cool card, she deals more damage to Passion cards but also recieves more damage.

Bandit HN evo 1

Bandit only evolution

In going through evolution Bandit becomes a High Normal card, car cost goes up to 22 and gains the following stat changes:
  • ATK 2200
  • DEF 1870
  • Soldiers 1980
  • Selling price 160